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What is GST Return?

Any business whose annual turnover exceeds the prescribed limit in a year shall apply for GST number and after approval from government, he is allotted GSTIN. Once a business gets GST Registration, it becomes mandatory to file GST returns on time and in proper manner otherwise it may cause unnecessary penalty, interest and other problems. GST Return filing is a document containing details of sales, purchase, output tax, Input tax and other transactions. Depending upon the nature of the business, various monthly GST Return / quarterly GST Return / annual GST return have been introduced by the Government and every GST return has different due dates, meaning, and importance. Thus, choosing the right GST Return filing which is applicable to your business is very important. GST Return filing is easier with Finaccle. We at Finaccle help you in filing GST returns in timely and proper manner.

Returns Prescribed under GST Law

GST Return filing GST Return to be filed by whom GST Return filing Due date*

GSTR-1 / IFF (Invoice Furnishing Facility)

GSTR 1 / IFF contains details of outward supplies of goods and services

GSTR 1 : 11th of next month IFF: 13th of next month


GSTR 3B contains details of Output tax and Input tax

Monthly GSTR 3B Filer: 20th of next month Quarterly return filer: 22nd of month succeeding quarter

CMP-08 (Earlier GSTR-4, for composition-scheme taxpayers only)

Quarterly payment of Composition tax

Quarterly: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter

GSTR-5 (for non-resident taxpayers)

GSTR 5 to be filed by non-resident taxpayers when they do not wish to claim Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Monthly: 20th of the next month


GSTR 6 to be filed by Input Service Distributors for distribution of ITC

Monthly: 13th of the next month


To declare TDS liability by the authorities deducting tax at source

Monthly: 10th of the next month


To declare Tax Collected at Source (TCS) by e-commerce operators

Monthly: 10th of the next month

GSTR-9 (Annual GST Return)

GSTR 9 to be filed by taxpayer whose aggregate turnover is more than 2 crores

Annually: 31st December of next year

GSTR 9C (Reconciliation Statement)

GSTR 9C to be filed by taxpayer whose aggregate turnover is more than 5 crores

Annually: 31st December of next year


Annual return of Composition dealer

Annually: 31st December of next year

GSTR-10(Final Return)

GSTR 10 to be filed by the taxpayers, whose GST registration has been cancelled or surrendered

Once: 3 months from the date of cancellation or order of cancellation, whichever is later


To be filed by Unique Identity Number (UIN) holders stating the supplied/received goods and services. To claim GST refund through RFD-10

Quarterly, not mandatory for UIN holders who did not receive any inward supplies during the quarter. 28th of the next month for which refund statement is filed

* These due dates of GST return filing may be extended by the Government from time to time.

The most commonly used returns are GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B. Let’s discuss them:

What is GSTR-1?

GSTR -1 is a statement which contains details sales, credit note, debit note, export, deemed export etc. Tax liability is not discharged while filing GSTR-1. Tax liability is discharged while filing GSTR-3B.

Due date of GSTR-1

  • For monthly GSTR 1 Filer: 11th of Next month
  • For Quarterly Return Monthly Payment filer: 13th of next month

  • What is GSTR-3B?

    GSTR-3B is a simple summary return that all normal taxpayers must file every month. It contains summary details of sales (domestic as well as export), Input Tax credit on purchases, liability under Reverse charge mechanism and other specified particulars.

    Due date of GSTR 3B:

  • For Monthly return filer: 20th of next month
  • For Quarterly Return monthly payment filer: 22nd or 24th of month succeeding the quarter, as applicable

  • Late Fees

    Late Fees for not filing GSTR-1 and GSTR 3B is Rs. 50 per day of delay (Rs. 25 CGST + Rs. 25 SGST.) subject to maximum of Rs 10000 (5000 CGST + 5000 SGST).
    In case of NIL GST return filing, the late fees shall be Rs 20 per day (10 CGST +10 SGST). subject to maximum of Rs 10000 (5000 CGST + 5000 SGST). is a one stop solution for Financial, Accounting and Legal problems under roof. We at Finaccle help you in filing your GST returns in timely, easy and hassle free manner. Contact us to know about GST Return filing process. You may get in touch with our manager on +918866252846 or email for free consultation.