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Obtaining a food licence is one of the most important steps in beginning a food business, according to the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) laws. Once you've completed your FSSAI registration, you're free to start your business without fear of legal repercussions.
That's not all, though. It is similarly vital to comply with FSSAI compliances and file annual returns, according to the FSS (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011.

All food business operators (FBOs) with food licences and an annual sales of Rs. 12 lakh are required to file an annual return and must do so on time.

If a person fails to file his or her taxes within the deadline, he or she may be subject to fines.


Benefits of complying with fssai annual return

There are numerous benefits of complying with FSSAI Annual Returns in India, few of them are given below:-

Increase In Brand Value:
Any organisation that has an FSSAI licence and follows the rest of the regulations would have a better reputation among consumers.

Along with such advantages, the entity's worth would be higher in comparison to non-compliant companies in the market.


Gets Government Support:
Another advantage of this type of annual compliance is that it allows for additional government support for firms that meet the FSSAI criteria.

Sustain Reputation:
Annual compliance by a business or individual registered under the FSSAI's criteria would maintain and, in some cases, improve the company's overall  reputation. It will let the public to have faith in an organisation that adheres to the Government of India's annual compliance obligations.

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  • Every FBO who has a business turnover similar to or more than Rs. 12 Lakhs
  • Every business operator selling, importing, exporting, manufacturing, distributing, storing, handling/transporting any type of food product has to file an FSSAI Annual return
  • The business operator involved in the distribution and manufacturing of milk has to file half yearly returns


  • FSSAI Form D1: To be filed by every food manufacturer, importer etc. by 31st May
  • FSSAI Form D2(half yearly return): To be filed by manufacturer of milk/milk products by 30th September/30th March.

FSSAI Form D1:
All the food manufacturers, importers, labelers, re-labelers, packers, and re-packers, etc. need to file FSSAI Form D1 mandatorily, either online or in physical form as designated by the Food Safety Commissioner.

Furthermore, this is mandatory irrespective of whatsoever is the generation of the FBO in the preceding year. The FSSAI annual return, Form D1 should be deposited on or before 31st May of each financial year to the Licensing Authority depending on the kinds of food products sold by the FBO in the prior financial year.

The Form D2 is a semi-annual return that isn't required for every food business owner. Alternatively, each FSSAI license holder who is involved in the manufacturing or importation of milk and/or milk products must possess this.
FSSAI annual return, Form D2 must be deposited on a half-yearly basis.

The term for filing this return is from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March of each financial year.


  •  Rate per unit or kg of packaging CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)/FOB (Free on Board)
  •  Previous FSSAI Annual Returns.
  •  Name of the Food product which is being manufactured, exported, imported, or handled.
  •  Bottle size, Can size or size of any other packaging.
  •  Quantity in metric ton.
  •  Value of Food product.
  •  Quantity in Kg which is being exported or imported.
  •  Selling price per unit of packaging or per kg.
  •  Name of the countries where food products are exported.

Penalty for delay in filing annual fssai returns

Any delay in filing FSSAI annual return shall attract a penalty of Rs. 100 per day of the delay.

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If a person fails to file FSSAI Return on time, he will be liable for a penalty of Rs. 100 which will be charged every day for the time for which the delay continues.

Every Business involved in food manufacturing, import, and export of food products or selling is required to file for the FSSAI annual return. Also, those who are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of dairy products should file for a half-yearly return.

The last date for filing the FSSAI Return is 31st May of every financial year.


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