Know This About Trademark Registration Online In India

Users are only permitted to use a trademark exclusively in connection with the product or service classes for which it was registered. Trademark registration online in India is open to all parties, including individuals, companies, and organizations which are charitable. If you don’t establish and protect a unique brand identity for your business, it may be difficult to stand out in the modern marketplace with your products or services. Hence, you need to do trademark registration online. We’ll walk you through the trademark registration process in this blog. Continue Reading!

One way to efficiently and distinctively promote your products or services to the general public in the form of words, marks, or taglines is through the use of a trademark. It’s an inexpensive approach for marketing your product. An image, letter, slogan, or color scheme could be used to give your products a name or identity. However, when a third party starts using the trademark without your permission, managing it becomes challenging. This is said to be a trademark infringement. Hence, it’s important to take trademark registration services affordably in India.

Purpose of trademark

  • By putting the product in contact with a renowned manufacturer, it ensures the quality of the product and service
  • Gives brands the sole right to use the distinguishing graphic elements
  • Assists in advertising and marketing products and services
  • Offers legal protection against fake or copied products
  • Aids in the introduction of a product into new markets and market segments
  • It enables the company to gain a better reputation, dependability and goodwill

Examples of trademark types

  • A logo, photograph, 3D shape, graphic design or letters
  • Audio formats with sound marks
  • Representing a brand with a combination of letters and numbers
  • Name of the company

Trademark infringement

There are several views on trademark infringement. Occasionally, but not always, another party will infringe upon your exclusive right. In order to learn the truth, it is crucial to evaluate the legal provision to ascertain what amounts to infringement and what does not.

Trademark infringement :- Drawbacks

Since we all reside in the second-most populous country in the world, it can be challenging to monitor who else is using our trademark. Additionally, when someone else uses our trademark, they frequently change it so that they can use it for their own business, which makes it harder to challenge the trademark on the surface. These factors increase the difficulty and complexity of maintaining a trademark portfolio. Using another person’s trademark is considered trademark infringement in India, which is wrong and prohibited.

Two of the various ways that trademark infringement can harm the owner are the loss of the original owner’s reputation and company value. Customers who feel deceived without realizing it is not you who is doing it will be unhappy when a trademark infringement decreases the quality of your product. In this way, as clients start switching to a different brand, the value of the current business starts to decline. Trademark owners seek the assistance of experts who can manage their trademark portfolios and keep an eye out for unethical behavior because of all the unethical strategies employed by their competitors and to reduce any costs associated with business growth.

Trademark infringement :- Guidelines

  • Trademark infringement happens when one of your trademark confuses the general public because it is identical to another registered trademark
  • Using a mark that is similar to or nearly so for a product constitutes infringement
  • Using a mark that is confusingly similar to a well-known brand constitutes trademark infringement, regardless of whether the mark is applied to goods in the same class
  • When a registered trademark is utilized in any kind of commercial, its reputation suffers
  • The use of a trademark to describe the nature, amount, or quality of a good is not considered trademark infringement
  • Using someone else’s words, but doing so is not covered by trademark registration. The opposing party cannot raise a trademark registration. Hence, you need to get the trademark registration process done at a reasonable price

In order to avoid all these consequences of trademark infringement, you can consult Finaccle for trademark registration at an affordable price.


A trademark should raise the perceived worth of the products and services offered by your company and increase brand recognition.  At this point, you ought to be aware of the trademark infringement. As you create your trademark strategy, you should keep these points in mind. This will help you regardless of whether you already have a trademark or intend to receive trademark registration services for one in India.

If you’d rather hire experts to handle it for you, than take the chance of making mistakes, you can always get in contact with Finaccle if you want to register your trademark in India quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about how to register trademark in Surat or how to register trademark in India, complete the trademark registration online process with us! We not only render trademark registration services but also those related to the Financial, Accounting, Legal and Taxation domain! Contact us today and don’t forget to share this blog on the platforms below! Ask us any queries you may have!

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