Trademark Registration Online In India For Business

Trademark registration process takes time and requires continuous maintenance. Laws governing trademarks are helpful in enforcing and regulating legal rights relating to brand-building elements including logos, symbols, and business names. Trademark registration online gives you the right to sue anyone who tries to use a similar trademark to yours and stops others from doing the same.

Why is trademark registration important for businesses?

Reasons which make trademark registration crucial and essential for businesses are that it promotes its distinctive identity, aids in developing customer trust and loyalty, provides legal protection for your brand’s identity, prevents unauthorized usage of it and is a valuable asset on a whole.

Application for business trademark registration

Anybody who wants to claim ownership of a trademark may submit an application for trademark registration online. One could create:

  1. A name that is unique
  2. A term which does not accurately convey the nature or quality of good or service
  3. Numbers, letters, or a combination of the two
  4. The legal claim to trademark ownership
  5. Symbols or gadgets
  6. Monograms
  7. A phrase or device combined with a single color or a combination of colors
  8. Marks that make up 2D signs
  9. Product shapes and packaging
  10. Sound marks

How to submit an application in the trademark registration process?

  • The initial step in starting the trademark registration process is a trademark search. It helps in finding similar or identical trademarks in the same class. Finalize a trademark.

  • Next, choose a class with great care. You must choose a specific class or sector from the 45 available trademark classes from the Trademark Registry in order to register your trademark.

  • Review of all the information after the trademark application is submitted is done by the examiner. Then, a go-ahead for publication in the trademark journal is given. Any person or organization may object to the trademark registration process. Trademark authorization certificate will be granted (if no objections). It will have a 10-year validity period.

  • The applicant has 30 days to react to the notice if there is opposition because of similar trademarks. In response to the notice, a hearing date will be made public so that the applicant can make their case for trademark registration.

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Documents and information needed for business trademark registration

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Name and objective of the business
  3. Brand’s name/ slogan/logo
  4. Registered address
  5. Identity proof (Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, voter ID)

Some frequently asked questions

1.What kind of trademark applications are typically rejected?

Your trademark will be rejected if it’s the same as an application that already exists, would offend religious sensibilities, contains geographical names, or contains common words. It would also be rejected if there was a chance it might lead to misunderstanding.

2. When should I use the TM symbol?

You can use the TM symbol as soon as you submit the application and get an acknowledgement. After completing the trademark registration process, you can use the ® symbol.

3. Do I need to do the trademark registration online in my own name?

While big firms would rather do it in the name of the company, many startup founders register it in their own names. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding a start-up’s future.  The trademark would be valid no matter how the company is doing, if it is owned by the founder. But in this instance, a trademark license agreement is necessary.

4. By when will I be able to register my trademark?

The approval process for a trademark might take anything from six months to 1 year. However, if we can obtain all the information and documentation as soon as possible, we can apply and begin utilizing the TM sign within a few days.


Trademark registration in India is open to all parties, including individuals, companies, and organizations which are charitable. If you don’t establish and protect a unique brand identity for your business, it may be difficult to stand out in the modern marketplace with your products or services. Hence, you need to do trademark registration online. With Finaccle, you can get your trademark registration process done.

You need not worry about how to register trademark in Surat or how to register trademark in India! Access experienced assistance with our team of professionals at Finaccle who will walk you through each step of the process at a very affordable cost!

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